1.All My Reports are normal (which includes ECG and other physical examination reports) but still I have chest pain,panic symptoms.What can be the cause of this problem ?

If the physical examination and medical reports are normal then probably the cause is psychological .Many times psychological problems are presented as bodily conditions. Proper treatment from Psychiatrist can solve the problem.

2.While working in office/workplace ,I constantly feel tension ? Is it Psychological issue ? Does treatment is necessary in such situation ?

If the person is having constant complaint of stress/tension which is disturbing day to day functioning and quality of life of the individual then consultation with mental health professional will help.

3.Generally I sleep 3-4 hours in night.Is it Psychological issue ? Does treatment is necessary in such situation ?

Sleeplessness can be one of the complaint related to stress. If this sleep disturbance is their everyday which is making mood dull, if you does not feel fresh in the morning , fatigue, weakness is their then it might be related to some psychological problem.

4.What is thecause of Mental illness ?

There are multiple causes of psychiatry disorders or illness. It is said that psychiatry disorders are multifactorial. Upbringing of the individual, surrounding circumstances, heredity, emotional handling, family all contribute to his mental stability.

5.Who can suffer from mental illness ?

Anybody can suffer from mental illness irrespective of caste, religion, gender ,age, financial state and education.

6.How many months do we have to take treatment ?

Every mental illness is different. So depending upon the severity, symptoms, response of the individual, relapses it is decided by the treating Psychiatrist. But 6-8 months is the general duration of treatment.

7.Are the medicines taken for Psychiatry illness addictive ?

All medicines should be taken according to psychiatrist advise.

8.Can Psychiatrsit is specialized for Mentally ill people only ?

Yes Psychiatrist work for mental health of people.